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Travel professionals

A top of the range musical relaxation service

For the travel industry professionals we give you the opportunity to provide an innovative, top of the range service. With the Senseat One you can offer a moment of musical relaxation; pleasant, comfortable and totally immersive. Differentiate yourself from the competition with the unique experience afforded by our armchairs.

Increase customer loyalty

In an increasingly competitive environment, proposing a unique travel experience is the best way to stand out and increase customer loyalty. Add real value to your establishment by installing one or more Senseat One armchairs for your clients to enjoy

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The sensory experience enhancing the travel experience

Thanks to the comfort of our armchair and the relaxing musical experience that it provides, long, unpleasant waits in transit will soon be a thing of the past. Give your weary travellers some time out in the tranquil sound bubble that is the Senseat One. A musical moment of zen complete with gently massaging bass frequencies, your refreshed and happy customers won’t forget their stay in your hotel or travel lounge any time soon !

An ideal service for responding to the needs of your clients

By renting one or more musical immersion armchairs you will be responding to the relaxation needs of your clients, and you will be contributing to the wellbeing of those often stressed by the inconveniences of travel. The service we offer airports and hotels is ideal for enhancing the likeability of your brand. We provide ongoing product support and maintenance, and we periodically renew our integrated playlists – so that your clients never tire of them !

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Become an ambassador for wellbeing on the move

The official launch of the Senseat One is in September 2018. However, if you are already seduced by our concept you can test our innovative service via pre-release before committing.

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