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Two passionate entrepreneurs, Grégoire and Victor, partnered up to create MAANS: an innovative start-up working to introduce a new way of experiencing music and a simple and effective way of relaxing.

Grégoire Mulliez - Ingénieur créatif

Gregoire Mulliez

Creative engineer

Definition of the concept
Technology development
Product manufacturing
Supplier relations

Victor Chevallier - Responsable Commercial

Victor Chevallier

Empathetic salesperson

Definition of the offer
Commercial development
Partnership liaison
Client relations

MAANS, an innovative start-up

These two childhood friends from Lyon started off tinkering in a garage. After completing their POC (Proof of Concept) they participated in an intensive acceleration program at the incubator BoostInLyon. During the four months program they went in search of a market that would be interested in their concept, and it was then that they realised the potential of their idea. Having raised their first lot of funds they embarked wholeheartedly on the adventure…

bien etre travail

A new way of entrepreneuring

By marketing our musical immersion armchair dedicated to relaxation we are prioritising quality of life at work. As such we are starting off by prioritising this within our own structure.

Governance through collective intelligence, agile decision-making, fun at work and social responsibility are all things we believe are necessary in building a sustainable and stimulating society.

technologie vibration maans

A patented technology

We have developed a unique technology that transmits bass frequencies in the form of vibrations that can be felt physically across your body. For the moment this technology is integrated into the backrest of the Senseat One but we are already looking at other applications.

Relaxing on pockets filled with fluid (containing special physical properties) the user experiences music with precision and in all its depth whilst sitting in complete comfort.

technologie vibration

An ambitious project

Our goal is to become THE reference for sound immersion. As such we would like to develop our project over different markets, bringing a personalised approach each and every time.

– Employee wellbeing (organisations of all sizes)
– Travel experiences (hotels, airports, stations)
– Innovation in the broadcasting of audio content (trade fairs, conventions, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, libraries, mediatheques)

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