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Frequently asked questions

Find here responses to all the questions we are regularly asked about our musical immersion armchair.

What does MAANS mean ?

MAANS is an acronym for Music As A New Sense. With MAANS, music becomes a new sense; a hybrid between hearing and touch.

Why “Senseat One” ?

“Senseat” describes an armchair in which you have a sensory experience and “One” comes from our goal to continuously innovate and produce new models for new markets, such as the individual consumer.

How did you come up with the idea ?

Grégoire came up with the idea after he fell asleep with headphones on and was woken up when they fell off. He wanted to create the perfect tool for listening to music in the best conditions possible. This desire transformed bit by bit into a project designed to enhance the auditory experience whilst simultaneously making available all of the positive benefits that come from listening to music.

When will the Senseat One be available ?

Soon, soon… Our official launch is planned for September 2018 and we will have finished the final prototype for you to try in September. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

Where can I put a Senseat One ?

For the moment there isn’t a waterproof version so the armchair needs to be protected from the elements. It’s also important that you don’t feel like you’re being observed while you’re sitting in the Senseat One. Because of this the layout should be designed so that you can sit back and relax completely in a pleasant and calm environment.

What do I need to install a Senseat One ?

The Senseat One needs a powerpoint and access to the internet to function. If wifi is available it will connect to renew the playlists and to enable us to undertake maintenance by distance. If wifi is not available the Senseat One can connect to a 4G or 5G network. Other than that it is entirely autonomous and very easy to use.

Is the Senseat One noisy ?

For the person sitting in it, of course! Otherwise there is not much point having a musical armchair 😊 However, because of its cocoon-like shape and the positioning of the speakers the armchair produces barely any ambient noise. The volume of the sound is adjusted according to the level of background noise, and as such the armchair is very discreet at all times, even in an open-space environment.

Are we likely to be bothered by background noise ?

No, because the Senseat One creates a true sound bubble; the user is completely immersed in the sound, a thousand miles away from all background noise. This means that it is possible to place multiple Senseat Ones side by side without any problems; in fact, they’re made for it !

When can I have a Senseat in my living room ?

Aaah the ultimate question… we’re working on it! There are still some technical challenges to overcome before we can make this armchair very easy to use in a home-audio context, but we’re getting there! You’ll just need to be a bit patient, as unfortunately this armchair won’t arrive before 2019… If you would like to know more, and be kept informed of our progress, subscribe to our newsletter. The best way to discover our armchair is still to offer it as a service in your organisation, or to organise an event with it.

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