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Propose a unique musical experience

The Senseat One, our musical immersion armchair, is particularly adapted for capturing interest and communicating. We have created a new tool that provides access to an unprecedented musical experience and opens up new opportunities. Create an event at your exhibition stand, introduce and showcase your digital content in a new light, or even create a new live experience. The only limit is your imagination!

Create the experience

The world of music is currently reinventing itself and is teeming with innovations thanks to the new technologies available. In the digital age new possibilities are arising to push the limits. With sensory sound immersion MAANS wants to enable everyone to compose their own new experiences.

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When technology meets comfort

With its futuristic look, the Senseat One provides a totally immersive experience in a bubble of tranquillity. Its ergonomic form surrounds the user and the technology integrated into the backrest enables them to physically feel the music. We use a fluid to transmit the vibrations of bass frequencies to the body, adding precision, comfort and depth to the whole experience. This means that you can appreciate a live concert, experiencing the same sensations you would if you were in front of the stage, all whilst sitting back comfortably in your armchair!

An all inclusive service for your peace of mind

Because we understand that you are already busy organising your event our short-term rental service includes transport and on site setup. With a power point and a roof over our heads we are ready to go! According to your needs we can integrate your playlists into the armchair beforehand, or connect to another audio source via Bluetooth. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Tell us about your projects

The Senseat One will be officially available to rent in September 2018. However, we are interested in all the projects that it may inspire, and who knows? We may be able to work with you! We are currently in the test phase and value any user feedback we can get to help us make the best product possible.

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