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Improve wellbeing at work

Our offer designed for organisations enables you to increase the wellbeing of your employees during their working hours by providing them with an efficient moment of pause through music immersion. Your employees will benefit from all the positive impacts of music, such as reduced stress levels, improved mood and even boosted creativity.

Increase employee productivity

Wellbeing at work is now recognised as being a very important factor in productivity, loyalty and creativity. These days the quality of life at work is becoming more and more important for workers. They hope to find a working environment that is stimulating and a role that has meaning, alongside opportunities for development. By installing one or more of our musical immersion armchairs at your sites your employees will be able to relax and regenerate rapidly.

What is wellbeing at work ?

These days fulfilment at work is a major preoccupation for many employees. According to the World Health Organisation wellbeing at work consists of “a dynamic state of mind characterised by a satisfying harmony between the aptitudes, needs and aspirations of a worker on one hand, and the constraints and the possibilities of the workplace on the other”.

A rental service adapted to your needs

Our offer is in the form of a rental because we bring you a comprehensive service along with the Senseat One armchairs themselves. Not only do we guarantee the maintenance and product support of the armchairs installed at your sites, we periodically renew our integrated playlists to ensure that your employees never tire of them! Furthermore, all the latest innovations and product enhancements will be made available to you free of charge*.

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Can our innovative technology make your employees happier ?

Thanks to the comfort of our armchair, the musical immersion and the feel of the vibrations the user is able to relax rapidly and regenerate effectively, both physically and mentally, in a couple of minutes. Your employees and colleagues will be happier, more motivated and ready to give their all.

*For any service in the equivalent range

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Become an ambassador for wellbeing at work

The official launch of the Senseat One is in September 2018. However, if you are already seduced by our concept you can test our innovative service via pre-release before committing.

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